The Distortion and the Revision of History
  in Postwar Japanese Textbooks, 1945-1998

Tomochika OKAMOTO


                 Objectives and Significance
                 Background of the Study

                 Research Questions
                 Methods and Data Sources
                 [Table 1.] List of Textbooks to be Analyzed
                 [Table 2.] Numbers of Changes of Contents

Period 1: The Era of Postwar Democracy, Defeat to 1956

Period 2: Revision of Nationalism, 1957-1963

Period 3: Reconstruction of Nationalism, 1964-1972
                 The Start of Trials Brought by Professor Ienaga
                                                               to Protest the Ethnocentric Educational Policy

Period 4: The Peak of Postwar Japanese Nationalism, 1973-1982

Period 5: Dissolution of Nationalism and Development of Internationalism, 1983-1993

Period 6: After 1994: Turning to Transnationalism

                 The Transformation of History Textbooks in Postwar Japan
                 Transnationalism and Japanese History Education


Appendix A: 237 Historical Items Examined for Changes

Books Cited
                 Sources of Censoring Opinions on Textbooks by the Ministry of Education

About the Author

Short Version: Reflexive Historiography in Postwar Japan's World History Textbooks

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