Presentation at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Educational Sociology (Sep. 16, 2000, Hokkaido University, Japan)

Changes in the Representation of "Japanese Americans" in U. S. History Textbooks, 1952-1999 (Research Materials)

List of U. S. History Textbooks Analyzed in This Research

Table 1. The Result of Picture Analysis

Table 2. The Existence of Depictions of Japanese Americans in Each Textbook by Subjects

Depictions of Japanese Americans in Each Textbook
(1) Early Immigrants to Hawaii
(2) Variety of Japanese Immigrants' Occupations in the U. S.
(3) Legal, Social, and Economic Persecution in the U. S.
(4) President Theodore Roosevelt and the Gentlemen's Agreement
(5) Exclusion by the 1924 Immigration Act
(6) Curtailment of Immigration and Its Social Consequences
(7) The Internment as Racial Discrimination
(8) The Internment of Nisei, or the Second Generation
(9) Nisei's Services in WWII
(10) Lost Properties and Compensation
(11) Life in the Internment Camps
(12) "Model Minority" as a Stereotyped Image
(13) Official Apology and Compensation Voted by Congress in 1988

Related Topic: The Distortion and the Revision of History in Postwar Japanese Textbooks, 1945-1998

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